National Express Coach is using QlikView business intelligence tools to improve fleet management and monitor customer service, replacing legacy spreadsheets systems.

The UK coach operator, which supports 18 million journeys on its network each year, deployed the QlikView Business Discovery platform in August 2013 to provide insight into the 100 million records collected across its operations. 

The software has now been rolled out across all departments, providing a number of operational benefits.

For example, it allows the National Express commercial team to examine coach route data more easily, helping to identify the most profitable routes. It also enables the customer services and service delivery teams to analyse customer feedback to target areas for improvement.

“It affords us the flexibility to explore the data in the ways we need to, and allows us to cut through the data to look at statistics for every individual journey, something that wasn’t possible when we relied on basic spreadsheets alone,” said Frank Kozurek, business intelligence manager at National Express.

The QlikView software has opened up data to all staff involved in National Express’ BI programme, rather than just the IT department, offering business units a broader view of the company. More details Here